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Hey everyone!

Today it is time for Miscellaneous Monday. But what is Miscellaneous Monday?
Everyday of the week we upload a short post here on the website. Each day has its own theme with Monday being “Miscellaneous”, which kinda means it doesn’t have a theme, but whatever 😛

Only want to hear the geeky stuff? Or wanna hear how our artists are shaping the look of Station 5? Then take a look at our blog schedule below! It never changes, so you wont miss anything.

  • Monday: Miscellaneous Monday – Surprise corner.

  • Tuesday: Artists’ Articles – Artist screenshots, videos, reasoning.

  • Wednesday: Bugsmasher Blog – Bug fixes, how we did it, known bugs, how we will approach the problem.

  • Thursday: Design Day – Features in the game, why they are added, what we do to tackle problems.

  • Friday: Codey Corner – Code from the game, how we approach coding problems and optimization.

  • Saturday: Screenshot Saturday – Screenshot from the game, with explanations.

  • Sunday: Summary Sunday – Video, containing most or all of the developers.

Miscellaneous Monday is the only day where anything can happen, as nothing is planned.

If you haven’t already we encourage you to go watch our Summary Sunday video, to get up to speed on what Station 5 is.
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That’s all for today, but remember to come back tomorrow, where Hjalte and Marc will talk about the art style of Station 5 and how we make 3D models and art for the game.


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