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Hey there, Michael & Jesper here.

In todays blogpost we will talk about Station 5’s user interface also known as UI and our current progress on animations.

UI (Jesper):

Hey, my name is Jesper, i’m one of the artists working on Station 5 and also one of the original founders of InkDropGames.
I’m here to talk about UI today, and the general design idea behind the few UI elements we want to have in the game.

First of all we want our gamescreen to be pretty clean. We do not want big bulky borders or obstrusive elements, therefore we only want the few elements we actually need to clearly tell the player(s) what he can do and what is happening.

Since we made the choice that the game should be voxel based we thought, of course all of the 2D elements should be pixelart, to keep a coherent style.


Here you can see a speedometer, a icon for showing if your blue lights are on or off (even though that is quite obvious if it is, but it is  more to show that the player have the ability to turn on/off the siren) and lastly a icon to show if the next light regulation is showing red or green, and that you can change it.

We ended up with quite a “high-res” pixelart style. We decided to not use noise, so our elements look smooth and clean. Noise in pixelart has its home and charm, but we decided that it did not belong in our game. All UI elements is handdrawn in Photoshop and implemented using Unity’s own UI system.

Going forward we still need a lot of  UI elements for things like, the title menu, missions screens and so on.
Keep an eye on our Twitter, to keep up with our progress.


Animations (Michael):


Hey, Michael here! I’m the Technical Artist and Animator working on Station 5.

So it’s time to talk about the fabulous animations in the game.

There have been a ton of animations to do, and still is, we needed to have animations for everything rather fast since it would help shape the feel of the game, so a big part of my work have been focusing on making the animations satisfying and funny to look at.

So far all the basic animations are in place, such as running, walking, jumping and strafing. Though there are still a lot more animations to come, I can give you a little sneak peek of an animation of our player animation when he is carrying 2 handed stuff, such as buckets and ladders, etc.


All Animations are made in 3DS max and imported directly into Unity using FBX.

There is alot to look foward to when it’s time for polishment of the animations, we have a lot of funny and goofy ideas. Everything from special taunts towards other players and special interaction animations, to more detailed basic animations, and a few funny easter eggs.

That’s it for this time folks, stay tuned on our website for near daily blogs or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more frequent updates


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