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Hello and welcome to Design Day, this is Asger, game designer of Station 5.

Last week, I talked about the playground in Station 5, and how people have to interact with each other and the world. Today I want to talk more about multiplayer and teamwork in our game.

To be successful in Station 5, all players have to work together. A standard mission is completed in three steps.

First step is to get the mission details and use those to load up the firetruck with the right equipment. In order to do this as fast as possible, and speed is needed as the houses are already burning when the players receive the alarm, the players have to split teamwork, so while one player is at the computer, reviving the mission, another player is emptying out the firetruck, and making it ready for another load, whereas all the player have to find the items as fast as possible, and get in the truck.

Secondly, the players have to drive to the mission site. The player(s) who is driving cannot hold a map at the same time, and another player has to navigate while the driver drives. This enforced teamwork and communication between the four players. Players can take other actions as well, for instance driving in the back of a truck, like the picture underneath, or changing light signals.

Billedresultat for firetruck ladder

When the players arrive at the mission site, they have to rely on teamwork in order to complete missions in a timely and safe manner. Players have to rescue people and safe the building from burning to the ground meanwhile, an example being a blocked door, with 2 people inside, while the stairs are burning. Three of players are moving into the building, one with an axe, one with a ladder, and one with a fire hose. The fourth player is connecting the firehose to a fire hydrant, located outside the building. The guy with the hose is starting to getting control over the fire, while the ladder is being placed. The last player joins the other three inside the building bringing a fire extinguisher, and everyone except one moves up the building, trying to fight their way into the victims. When they get to the right apartment, the axe guy breaks down the door, while the player with an extinguisher is putting out a fire. In order to make a small passage for the 3 guys. They get to the victims, drops the axe, and carries the victims out, while the 4th guy is getting the situation under control.

This is just one way of tackling a problem, and other, more creative, and possibly better, ways to tackle the mission is of course an option (for instance, the players left behind an axe, and didn’t focus much on saving the building).

We look forward to see you come up with creative ways of completing missions, once the game is ready for release.

That was all for this time, thanks for joining us for this Design Day. If you want to see more of the development of Station 5, feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

See you next week! J

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