GameJam: Developing for Android Devices.

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InkDrop Games was created under a GameJam and after cancelling our last project,  we surely were going to attend another one.

Only three of us were able to attend this time, which meant that we were going to team up with two other people. Both are now a part of InkDrop Games and is currently working as Game Designers.

The Game Jam

All of us are attending a danish school named GameIT college, where we focus on developing video games. The school holds four yearly game jams, whereas this is one of them. Last time the competition was solely made up of beginners (including our selves), while this time around people have gained a bit more experience.

Short Facts:

Theme: Feeling Good
Time Frame: 26 hours
Winners were choosen by vote between three categories (mobile, hot-seat & children)

Tools used:

  • Unity3D – As our Game Engine
  • Photoshop & Paint – For creating sprites and textures
  • Visual Studio – For programming
  • SourceTree(git) – for easy sharing of files between team members

Getting of to a bad start.

We had a way to long discussion in the group, about what feeling good really means. We all though the theme would end up being “Christmas”, so discovering that our school has chosen a theme that interpret was a huge setback. Really thinking your idea trough is normally a great idea, but for us there had to be an end to the madness. It endeed up taking us 3 out of our total 26 hours to settle on an idea.

The Idea

The game is an endless runner, but where you would normally see your character from behind, he is actually running towards you. You play as an drug addicted bicycling kid trying to get home, while at the same time picking up drugs along the way. Picking up different drugs will both give you different abilities & boost your score, but it will also make it a lot harder not to die.



Just as last time, all textures and sprite animations where hand drawn, including the font used and the menu. Currently the graphics doesn’t look like much and there is only one obstacle you have to avoid. Going beyond the GameJam we want to redo most of the scene and add more graphical elements to the game (hint!). Some drugs will give the player visual feedback, for example if you drink pure alcohol your screen will turn blurry and start shaking. We had a lot of different ideas for how the visuals were going to change when picking up different drugs, but a deadline is a deadline so most of them were never finished.



Not much to say here, if you start up the game. You will properly realize that you know must of the sounds and music used in the game. Lacking time and a good sound designer that was what we went with during the GameJam. While you can use copyrighted music and sounds at most GameJams, you can’t really show the game of online or release it. Going into post-game jam production, we will replace all sounds and music currently in the game, so the game can later be released.

The good and the bad

 What went well:

  • The art aspect of the game (looking away from the composition of the scene and the trees) went very well, and we ended up with some nice looking props and characters.
  • Programming an endless runner was far easier than we thought.

What went bad:

  • We need to get better at sleeping, even though we mentioned it last time. We didn’t learn anything from it.
  • Bugs,bugs and more bugs. Having different drugs give you different abilities ended up causing a lot of bugs and glitches during game play. Some of which has yet to be fixed(stupid cloud…)

What about all those hints?

I’m amazed, unless  you didn’t read the whole text above and just though what hints? As you may have figured out from the title and small hints trough the text, we are planning to rebuild some parts of the game and release it on the android market, sometime after Christmas. But until then click the link below to download the buggy .apk file (if you know how to install those) or just play the game directly in your browser.


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