Development Update: The last week in Seattle

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Hello, this is Marc.

Since we are nearing the end of our development period on Station 5 in Seattle, I want to talk about how things have gone the last couple of days.

Last Wednesday we presented our game as it was to a couple of teachers at the UW. This meant that the last few days before last Wednesday were very stressful (This is why our blog has been lacking lately). Unfortunately, we experienced some technical difficulties and other problems right up to our presentation. To keep it short, we are no longer as happy with Unity Collab as we were before. That being said, many of our problems were not caused by the computers, plenty of the blame can be put on ourselves. A couple weeks before the presentation, we were advised by our teachers to cut the multiplayer from our current demo. Unfortunately, for us, we thought it was doable with the time we had. Many of our current problems are caused by that decision.

The list of important features we still need to implement is still too big compared to what we had hoped and planned. Looking back, it is clear that our scope for the demo was way too big and our focus was not as sharp as it should have been. Now we do not even have a mission for game testers to try, and the multiplayer does not work in the extent we wanted it to either. Besides those problems we have performance issues, building-generation issues and car-AI issues. Almost all of our problems are rooted in the size of our scope that was simply far too big. There was definitely a valuable lesson to be taught here.

With all that being said, Station 5 does seem to have a positive future. One thing both our teachers and we could agree on was that the game had amazing potential if it got the development time it deserved. It is our hope to keep developing on Station 5 when we leave Seattle this Sunday and resume our education. Keep your eye on out for future blogposts and news on social media.

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