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Hello and welcome to Miscellaneous Monday, this is Marc.

Today I want to talk about working in a group with focus on what we’ve learned ourselves.

First, I want to talk a little about our group. Our group consists of 8 students from Denmark, who have very different levels of knowledge and experience in game development. We were not all used to work together, but we all knew who everyone else were. Luckily our fields of knowledge are somewhat spread between programming, 3D-modelling/animation and 2D-art. The only important field of knowledge we really lacked in was sound and music. I encourage you to watch this week’s Summary Sunday video to see what I’m talking about. Anyway, it has been relatively easy to spread work roles and tasks between us because of our diversity. With that in mind, I want to give a list of tips we’ve learned so far in our development of Station 5:

  • Have diversity in group member’s fields of knowledge.
  • Group work doesn’t succeed if nobody is ready to compromise.
  • Maintain a high level of intern communication, either by being together physically or using com-programs like Skype.
  • Share files and everything else on a common cloud-service, like Google Drive. Unity also has a new feature called Collaborate which allows us to share assets and scenes, similar to using an external git-program.
  • Have one or multiple clear and visual board(s) with work tasks that everybody can see. We use a service called Trello to communicate work tasks and show progress. With Trello, we can assign group members to tasks and use labels to indicate what a specific object needs. Here is an example of a board we use to track progress on 3D-models:
  • Work morale and efficiency is highest when all group members are equally productive and willing to work. Bad morale is a bitch.
  • One of the most important things in any project is to be clear about expectations to each other and the project as a whole.

Alright, this is it for this week’s Miscellaneous Monday, I hope you enjoyed it.

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