The Rise and Fall of Our First Game

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Two days ago a friend of ours, pointed out that he found a video online. Showing gameplay nearly identical to what we have currently in our work in progress title “Contrast”.

When a game developer sits down to think of an idea. Chances is that nine out of ten of the ideas he comes up with have already been made or is being worked on. “Stealing” somebody else idea was absolutely not our intend, especially not when we found out Sony was a part of it. But never the less, with more than seven billion creative people in the world. Having us unintentional steal an idea was and is unavoidable. Even though we are extremely sad that we can of course no longer continue work on “Contrast”, we are also happy that we found out, this early in development.

The games name is “The Unfinished Swan” and is currently developed by a company named Giant Sparrow. Because the game was created in a partnership with Sony, it is of course a PlayStation only game, and is currently available on both the PlayStation 3 and 4. While “The Unfinished Swan” does not share the same story as “Contrast”, the gameplay looks way to similar.


Will this mean the end of InkDrop Games?
Absolutely not! For every step you take in one direction, sometimes you have to to take a few steps back to chose the right direction. Seeing how easy it is to get the same idea as somebody else, will simply be one more lesson learned for us. We are already going trough new ideas, of course trying to make sure that we won’t create something that does already exist. But as said earlier, chances are that we will at some point once again, have to take some more steps back, before we can continue forward.

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